Emily Pilgrim graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in May 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Her film studies course on Hitchcock started an obsession that she just can't shake; she added every one of his movies she could find on Netflix to her queue, and intends to watch them all within the next year.


Hitchcock and Identity: An Exploration of Marnie, Vertigo, and North by Northwest

"I find Hitchcock's films to be a bed of paradoxes and ambiguities in which identity is questioned and explored" (297), Lucretia Knapp writes in her essay "The Queer Voice in Marnie." Indeed, Hitchcock often deals with the matter of identity in his films, as his characters struggle to establish or reestablish their selves. In this vein, he frequently utilizes costuming to demonstrate the changeable nature of identity. Read on...