We accept submissions from students, alumni, and faculty from Film Studies program at the University of Colorado Denver.

What to submit:

  • Film criticism, such as an essay you wrote for class or for fun.
  • An editorial. Consider writing about a personal experience or outlook, about why you love a certain movie that nobody seems to have seen, or write an article in response to an essay or article (on this site or not).

What NOT to submit:

  • Avoid submitting essays that are based on a prompt given to an entire class. Your essay may be great, but we wouldn't want to publish 20 others just like it (and you probably wouldn't like that either).
  • Standard movie reviews, especially those that conclude with a star or similar rating system. Leave those to the professionals.
  • Thesis papers or anything over (roughly) 10 pages. However, consider proposing a series of articles if you have a lengthy piece that would lend itself to being split up. There are always exceptions to any rule.

If you are a University of Colorado Denver student, alumni, or faculty and would like to publish an article on this site, please submit it using our submission form.