I am a master's student in literature at the University of Colorado @ Denver and movies (any and ALL types) serve to keep me sane while doing this. However, the fact that I find myself unable to turn off those analysis skills so necessary from my degree, Movies in 203 allows me a outlet for my rants.


The Lesbian Soldier and the Supportive Wife: Gender Roles and the Woman Warrior in G.I. Jane and Courage Under Fire

The question of women in the American military during the 1990s was rife with controversy due to the multiple sex scandals reported by the media from harassment to rape. Read on...


Female Ownership of the Male Gaze in Nicole Holofcener's Lovely & Amazing

Reading everyone's insightful and detailed posts on the films near or dear to them (or films they've finally found an excuse to watch, such as Stefan's The Warriors), I find myself with the inability to discuss anything similar. Instead I keep returning the film on this year's literature comp. exam: Nicole Holofcener's Lovely & Amazing (2001). Read on...